Hi There,

I am a big fan of spiritual books. I love Depak and had a few books of him. I was so glad that you publish his book in thai language.

I live in San Francisco and when i got this book I never have a 2nd thought that you have a program sending one for your friend for free.

I got rid off the free book code page because it make my book too thick without a clue that it will benefit me in the future. I can send you the picture of the book to you.

Your company has such a amazing idea to help others.

Do I still have a change to send another one to my niece in Ratchburi? If so it might be good because she are in suffer mode right now. I would like she to learn this amazing laws.

Her name is

Pariwat Wattanachiwan
222 เสือป่า Rd.
Tipniwet villege


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I've sent you an email.
ชื่อผู้ตอบ : นันท์ วิทยดำรง ตอบเมื่อ : 09/12/2012

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